The ultimate Invisible Wardrobe : Made in Youthland Skincare

A skincare brand packed with wearable emulsions that promote beautiful healthy skin in the most simple and effective way. If we had to describe it in four words: The ultimate Invisible Wardrobe.

Physical and mental health are, ultimately, the happiness formula. And the goal of Made in Youthland® is to promote not only physical health with skincare, but also mental health through an inclusive world from the beginning. Inclusity starts with individuals but also with brands and products. Since 2013, when the project started to be designed, it didn’t make any sense to create just another skincare brand. Products needed to be based on the concept of balanced
Where tolerance, acceptance lead to a more balanced society and a balanced society should be the aim/goal of all human actions, at all times.


Toning is a vital step in any successful skincare routine as it helps to nourish and balance the pH of your skin. Our toner is formulated without alcohol, and features a synergetic combination of grape extract, Lavender Essential oil & Kakadu plum with its potent antioxidants.

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Reveal more radiant skin from the neck down with this retexturizing treatment. This fast-absorbing signature formula offers intense hydration, binds moisture to skin and retexturize. An ultra indulgent body gel-cream that renews and smooths skin on contact.

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This creamy antioxidant facial scrub combines powdered argan shells, grape-seed oil and extract, Argan oil and Kakadu Plum to gently polish and smooth your skin.

By mimicking the skin rejuvenation process, this high-end creamy formula encourages cell regeneration without irritating, leaving your skin replenished, nourished and youthful-looking.

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Packed with two powerful peptides to fight oxidative stress: the tetrapeptide, our skin architect, is responsible for increasing collagen and elastin synthesis and reverting dermal aging; the hexapeptide, the DNA guardian, is the protector of skin cells and handles the reversion of cellular aging. This powerful duo in conjunction with the nourishing grape-seed oil and powerful antioxidants of Sacha Inchi oil, Kakadu plum and rosemary essential oil, makes this a potent skin guardian formula.

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The founder has a motto “beauty is a cultural concept, skincare is humanist” and we believe that beauty is diversity and diversity is beauty.

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