Kalimera Collection, the new Portuguese swimwear brand

A new brand of bikinis and swimsuits 100% developed in Portugal has just been launched, and it is called KALIMERA COLLECTION. It intends to position itself as a brand of minimalist design with sizes starting from XS and in which each woman has the freedom to make different combinations of sizes, according to the characteristics of her body.

‘I felt some gaps in the Portuguese swimwear market, such as the possibility of acquiring combinations with different sizes, the inclusion of the XS size, and the existence of models of the bottom and top suitable for all bodies and tastes’, says Sara Arrais, founder of the brand. ‘Kalimera favors quality with uncomplicated, minimalist designs that allow you to tan without leaving any big marks and, at the same time, it transmits security and confidence to women when they go to the beach.’.

“Kalimera”, a word that means “good morning” in Greek (also used to cheer up and to be in a good mood), now gives life to a brand of bikinis and swimsuits that aim to convey these positive feelings: comfort, security, and confidence to the woman who the dress.

Breeze is born from the love of the beach, the sea, and home

kalimera collection swimwear

In the launch edition of the “Breeze” collection, we discovered five lines with great softness and delicacy, retro cuts where elegance and commitment to female bodies are common in all pieces. An idea that translates into 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 1 swimsuit, giving you the freedom to make the conjugations between model and size. From the waves of the sea and the heat of the sand, the color palette emerges: blue wave, white shell, and terracotta. The floral patterns refer to the woman’s femininity and strength transmitted by the founder’s grandmother, through the romanticism of yesteryear. The flower is a synonym of delicacy and power, calm and tranquility, feminism and timelessness.

The brand assumes a sustainable philosophy, choosing to produce ethically, with eco-responsible materials, establishing partnerships with local suppliers, investing in timeless pieces, of high resistance and durability. Kalimera products are made from ECONYL® (a nylon thread developed from the recovery of fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic), using plastic-free packaging (with reduced dimensions to minimize the impact), and paper with FSC environmental certification.

‘We believe that we can make a difference on Earth and that is why we create timeless pieces of high quality that the customer will use for many years. For us, sustainability starts with product development and ends with communication. By giving the tools so that the parts have the longest possible life – from how to wash, to what to avoid – we are contributing to a happy customer who will not have to replace any part for a long time’, says Sara.

kalimera collection swimwear
kalimera collection swimwear

Viagens e fotografia são duas grandes paixões de Sara Arrais, a portuguesa que vive em Paris (onde exerce medicina dentária) e que agora se lança numa nova aventura com a criação de uma marca própria. Natural de Aveiro, em 2015, criou o blog Kalimera Concept, onde partilhava imagens e escrevia sobre as suas aventuras pelo mundo. Quatro anos mais tarde, surgiu a ideia de criar uma marca de swimwear, que expressasse a forma como vê e sente o mundo, aliando as origens aos lugares, pessoas e culturas que descobriu nas suas viagens. Com o lançamento da Kalimera Collection, o objetivo da fundadora é que a sua marca se torne “uma referência em termos de qualidade e respeito pelo meio ambiente. Pouco a pouco gostaríamos de chegar a outros mercados e reforçar o selo de qualidade do nosso país lá fora”, refere.

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