Sri Lanka, where time passes at the right pace


These waters reflect much more than a surf session on an incredible sunset.

They reflect the unique beauty of this country that made me feel at home as soon as I set foot there for the first time. Sri Lanka, eternally in love with you and the people I left and I miss so much. Its simplicity, genuineness, and purity that fill my soul, make me believe in humanity.

There I learned that the future lies in returning to the forgotten values ​​of the past. If happiness is in the simple things in life, it will always be there.

It is where time passes at the right pace. Time goes by so fast here and I still can’t wait to go back there.


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“Salty hair, sunny skin, and ocean spirit”
My golden skin shows me the passion for the ocean and the beach lifestyle. Since I can decide where to live, I always chose the ocean as neighbor. The ocean for me is home.
I had first contact with surfing by the age of 17, influenced by some friends and my boyfriend at that time. I started to learn by observing and following them everywhere they went. When I started surfing, I wanted to learn more and evolve. Since the beginning, I fell in love with the art of gliding the waves and found in surfing the biggest love in MY life. Surfing makes me forgetting time and space.
Besides surfing, i also love music, drawing and photography. I first started playing my first instrument when i was 5. Music alongside music production started being a part of my life. I plays various instruments and studied piano at the nacional classical music school.
I worked as a model for a lot of brands in several countries for some years. This gave me the opportunity to travel around the world. After living 1 year in Australia i returned to Portugal and i was invited to present the Action Sports program, in Fuel TV. The experience of being in front of the camera aligned with the board sports contents gave me the tools to grow up as a person and a professional.
I am brave and resolute woman, and i choose to live my life with no fears and pressures. I always follow my dreams and live a happy simple life. I believes that my balance comes with a combination of my creative side, that is always thirsty for new experiences, with surf.

I know, that like the waves, each day is a surprise, and life passes by fast. So i decided to live it at my own pace, with a travellers soul and a backpack on my back. I am made of the sun, in search for the sun. The sun and the salty water is where i want to live forever. It’s my passion for surfing that makes me search for serenity in waves around the world.
During my trips i found a second home in Sri Lanka. In ancient lands of Taprobana i made friends, that i call family. I learned to accept the differences and being grateful for enjoying the cinematographic landscapes.
For me the smell of the ocean adds seasoning to life. My free sprit is reflected in the search of happiness and escaping dialy routine

By… Cláudia Pinto


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Gow Public adds shoppability to an article and hits the aim of brands emotional e-commerce empowerment in a meaningful way.

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