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A furniture brand that bets on doing things differently, now check out the Maralis Collection!

Maralis Capa 100% algodão para cama tipi Maralis 70 x 140 cm 35 €
Tipi Maralis Bed

Ideal for kids’ pajama parties, this 100% cotton cover makes tipis beds an ideal tent to play with and let your imagination run wild. There are different sizes available depending on your mattress. And, of course, they are suitable for washing machines.

Maralis Cama tipi Maralis madeira maciça de freixo 90 x 190 cm 249 €

The best way to give free rein to the imagination of the little ones is with this bed, in solid ash wood. With an Indian tent design, it was created to facilitate autonomy and freedom of movement in a safe way, thanks to the low height.


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