Safest places to travel in Europe in 2021

Corfu, Greece: a European hidden paradise

Corfu is one of the paradise destinations in Europe that has been preserved by the pandemic. This beautiful place combines sun, paradisiacal beaches, nature, sustainable tourism, relaxation, gastronomy, and culture.

Monaco: one of the most glamorous places on Earth

If your looking for a luxury place to travel to, look no more: Monaco is waiting for you! Full of glamour and considered one of the safest places in Europe, it is totally worth it! Pack your best outfits and get ready to fill like you are a star in a movie.

Visit Tbilisi, Georgia’s warm, ancient and vibrant capital

7 reasons to visit Tbilisi +

  1. Budget-friendly destination
  2. Amazing cuisine and divine wine
  3. Historical and quirky old town
  4. Cave cities around
  5. Incredible and fascinating museums and markets
  6. Thermal baths for full relaxation
  7. Surpringly cool nightlife
Why Scotland needs you

Scotland is famous for its warm welcome, incredible landscapes, vibrant culture, rich heritage, myths, and legends. You can even feel mystic out there. There are plenty of magical and mystical places waiting to be explored in Scotland.

VisitScotland has presented ‘The Seven Spirits of Scotland’ – key attributes that can be found inside the characters of individuals and landscapes of the country: warmth, humor, guts, spark, soul, determination, and fun. They are looking for ambassadors to Scotland to get behind and support them by sharing photos of the uncommon and special spots that you have visited in Scotland by using #ScotSpirit.

Which spirit are you?


Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia’s gem

7 reasons to visit Dubrovnik +

  1. It’s a living UNESCO heritage site;
  2. For it’s natural beauty: beaches and waterfalls;
  3. Buza bars: bars with a stunning view;
  4. Island hopping;
  5. Cuisine and wines;
  6. Fun nightlife;
  7. For the fans: King’s Landing from Game of Thrones was shot here and Star Wars too.

Stockholm, the open-minded city

Stockholm is an open city for different points of view and groundbreaking thoughts. A lively destination where developments in music, plan, style, and innovation are conceived. The cityscape is absolutely gorgeous and it has fascinating architecture. It is a very healthy and active city and it is actually greener than you think. They say Stockholm does summer like nowhere else, and it is up to you to find out why.


Atypical Antwerp, Belgium

Whatever is on your city-trip agenda, Antwerp can offer it. The city is brimming with amazing features, find them all during your visit to Antwerp.

You will discover more diamonds in the Diamond Square Mile – where worldwide jewel trademarks start – than in the rest of the world. What’s more, peppered everywhere in the city are astonishing shop windows brimming with alluring adornments plans.

Antwerp establishes the vibe where design is concerned, as well: couture isn’t simply in the stores, yet in addition in the city, at the Style Historical center (MoMu), and at the school. The style division of the Regal Foundation is one of the world’s generally compelling.