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Oh, Paris, Paris! There is no place like the city of lights, right? Or the city of love, whatever you prefer to call it. As Audrey Hepburn would say: ‘Paris is always a good idea’.

Paris is one of those cities that you either love or hate. It is so historically rich and with such a mix of cultures, that it leaves no one indifferent. It is an open-air museum full of light, art, culture, modern stores, restaurants, bars, cafés.

But a city is much more than its museums and monuments. It is the people we get to know along the way, it is the monsieur at the bakery store who greets you with a bonjour, it is the people on the metro running from one place to the other super busy because the pace of life is much faster; it is the magical lights that come up when the city gets dark and it about the unforgettable flavors of French cuisine and its wines and cheeses that are absolutely delicious.

We are sharing a video from EF that we consider to be inspiring and that leaves you with some basic words for your trip:

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We could make an endless list of tourist places that everyone else recommends. But we are not going to do it. When you visit Paris, whether it is your first time or not, follow the Gow Public list.

Believe us, getting lost and wandering around is the best way to get to know the city. Live and breathe the Parisian lifestyle. It is not in the most tourist places that you will get to know the city in depth. Paris is much more than its beautiful cover.

And who knows? You might even fall in love.

Take a look at the very attractive accommodation rates as you enter in the mood to the sound of a Parisian playlist.

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  1. Excelente artigo: informativo, apelativo, instrutivo e que nos leva a querer marcar já, uma viagem à cidade luz. De momento não é possível, mas faz parte da lista, assim que a pandemia nos permitir.
    Até porque como dizia Audrey Hepburn “Paris is always a good idea”.

    Parabéns à Gowpublic pela nova oferta de propostas e ideias. Vai passar a estar na minha lista de sugestões! 💙

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Gow Public adds shoppability to an article and hits the aim of brands emotional e-commerce empowerment in a meaningful way.

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