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Every day international flights are landing from all over the world at the airports in the archipelago, with effective connections to all islands. Especially nowadays because Cape Verde is a very safe place to be during the pandemic. The best part about traveling is to go beyond the destinations, be and feel like a local, and absorbing the culture. Indeed, even in the voice of the morna, Cabo Verde isn’t lost in miserable second thoughts. It lives. With the African flavor, sprinkled with different universes, the islands hush the days to the sound of mornas, funaná, batuques and a warm morabeza that leaves “sôdade” to the individuals who leave.

The best option to get to know Cabo Verde is to do island hopping. But we advise you to plan it in advance. For this article, we choose 3 of our favorite islands: Sal, Santo Antão and São Vicente.

Ilha do Sal – Salt Island

Sal (translates to salt) owes its name to the mineral that abounds on the island. It’s a small, flat, arid island, with a touch of the lunar landscape. It has a dry tropical climate, white sand beach, and warm and transparent waters. It is the perfect place to relax. There are great conditions for water sports, such as surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, and fishing. Mandatory places to visit: Gruta do Amor, Salinas de Pedra Lume, the lava pool of Buracona, the Botanical Garden Viveiro, and the pier of Santa Maria.

Ilha de Santo Antão – Santo Antao Island

Santo Antão is like love at first sight. The contrast between the magnitude of the extensive rocky landscapes, the vastness of the sea, and the green valleys is unexpected and breathtaking. On this island, untouched and raw, there are some of the most impressive trails on the planet. Ribeira Grande, Vale do Paúl, Topo da Coroa (1979 m), the trail from Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha da Graça and the route of the old road between Porto Novo and Ribeira Grande, are unmissable challenges to feel the island. Here, it is produced one of the best grogues (a rum-like drink) in the archipelago, which deserves tasting after a delicious lamb stew with beans.

Ilha de São Vicente – Sao Vicente Island

São Vicente is the land of Cesária Évora as also the home of mornas, jazz and coladera. Its capital is the historic city of Mindelo, charming and beautiful, that is considered the most cosmopolitan and European city in the archipelago, with lively nights and a lot of cultural activity. In Calhau, the island’s picturesque fishing village, the beaches invite to surfing and bodyboarding, and despite the arid landscape, it is possible to find some baobab trees, the oldest trees on the planet. The Archipelago’s most famous carnival event takes place every year on this Island, that also receives the music festival “Baía das Gatas”, located on the beach with the same name, where the water is warm and crystal clear, and the International Theater Festival Mindelact.

And to get you in the mood, we leave you a playlist so you can dance to the sound of Cape Verdean music.

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Gow Public adds shoppability to an article and hits the aim of brands emotional e-commerce empowerment in a meaningful way.

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