POSTER MOSTRA, the open-air public gallery that you can be part of

POSTER is a public art and word exhibition which takes place on the street. It arises as a tribute to one of the most powerful media ever. This was the first medium in which art and advertising came together in symbiosis.

POSTER MOSTRA is a project created and developed by the Departmento  and this year, the 6th edition of the event is preceded by two OPEN CALL, which take place from May 3 to June 3.

They translate into an invitation to create posters in order to give opportunity to free creative and artistic expression, allowing those who participate to join the exhibition in Marvila.

Everyone can compete regardless of whether or not they have artistic training, age or nationality.


For the first time POSTER MOSTRA kicks off with an extraordinary OPEN CALL, in partnership with the historic Port Wine brand, Sandeman.

Sandeman’s relationship with Art goes back to his past, when artists were invited to contribute to the visual universe of a brand that has always valued an innovative and sophisticated approach in its communication.

OPEN CALL SANDEMAN challenges everyone who wants to immerse themselves in the brand’s iconographic heritage, recalling pieces, drawings, paintings and other works that are part of their imagination. 3 winners will be selected to be part of the exhibition in Marvila.

Departamento is a art and culture amplifier.

We develop, produce and curate projects for brands, sponsors, patrons, and public and private entities, including all kinds of art related professionals: from artists, designers, and musicians, to architects, and writers, among others. Along with partners who share our vision, we promote the awareness of free culture for all, Departamento’s main focus.

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