Maria’s Portuguese Table a showcase of the portuguese culture and traditions

Maria Lawton

When Maria Lawton was six years old her family emigrated to the United States from the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, a stunning archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Maria documented the cooking and food memories so vital to her childhood, rediscovering her family’s traditional recipes and putting them into her first cookbook, Azorean Cooking: From My Table to Yours.

As a complement to her book, Maria blends her love of Portuguese food, traditions, and culture with the cooking and travel series “Maria’s Portuguese Table”. In this first series she goes on an 8-part food and travel odyssey starting in Rhode Island USA to Sao Miguel Azores, to California. Rediscover one of the world’s oldest cultures with her!

Maria’s also podcasts! Maria and her friend, Angela, have been talking to each other and their special guests about what it means to be Portuguese!

See full podcasts here and hear more than our own pick!

Azorean Cooking

Discover Maria’s Lawton here in her own website – Azorean Green Bean – amazing history and why this is such a huge proud for her plus check it out Maria’s Cookbook : Azorean Cooking; From My Table to Yours now at Amazon!


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