Notre Dame in Paris | A history of the Cathedral taught by Professor William R. Cook

Brilliant architecture can be a great source of inspiration for artists and designers, through the structural shapes, unique design concepts and decorative details. Discover more about Notre Dame in Paris with Prof. William R. Cook at The Great Courses.

A 360º tour of the British Museum, Guided by Paul Maclean in 2019.

Meet Me at The Met: A Virtual Evening

The Met community come together virtually to celebrate the many ways in which art and creativity can bring us together, foster understanding and compassion, and enlighten our lives, even in the most difficult moments.

Although doors opened, we can still play a vital role in The Met’s future and donate. To do so, just gow and follow the link.


The Van Gogh Museum proudly presents the official Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience: a multisensory, truly immersive 3D experience that tells Vincent van Gogh’s incredible life story like never before. Step into Vincent’s world and really get to know the man behind the celebrated paintings.

OPEN CALL: Submit your Poster, NOW!

From May 3 to June 3, These are an invitation to create posters with the goal of giving opportunity to free creative and artistic expression!

[  K N O W  M O R E ]

LA ART SHOW 2020 Walk Around

Every year since 1768 the Royal Academy presents us with an annual Summer Exhibition! It’s the largest open-submission art exhibition in the world were collections of art and architecture in free displays throughout their home on Piccadilly.

RA is run by artists and funded by art-lovers so every donation will help to secure our future: free education, ground-breaking exhibitions, nurturing young artists and free access to our collection. Please consider donating to the RA here and browse the works from summer edition here!