So, what did the world 馃帶 to in 2020? Spotify reports it all

Spotify reported and we share it with you, so you remember the playlists of our unusual year. It was 2020 in a wrap alright!

“It goes without saying: 2020 was a year unlike any other. One that, despite its unique challenges, inspired creativity with so many people finding ways to come together with resiliency as a community. 2020 has also sounded differently鈥攁nd throughout it all, audio has acted as a companion, strengthening our connections with the world around us and giving us hope.

Spotify鈥檚 Wrapped is here once again to help us look back on the year. For many of us, music and podcasts helped get us through, which is what makes 2020 Wrapped so special鈥攖hrough ups and downs, people kept streaming, and audio never missed a beat.”

TOP 3 most streamed artists globally

TOP 3 most streamed songs globally

TOP 3 most popular podcasts globally

Spotify finally reports that they also looked beyond the individual artists, songs, albums, and podcasts and dove into the trends that shaped streaming鈥攖he things that made it sound so different.

“As people started to social distance, we saw an increase in nostalgia-themed playlists聽and聽work-from-home-themed playlists, and in listeners listening to wellness podcasts like聽Unlocking Us with Bren茅 Brown聽and聽Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories.”

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